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Switching up your workout routine

Jun 22, 2020 | Motivation

You’re working out and have made the gym part of your routine. You do a day of legs, a day of chest and triceps, a day of back and biceps and a day of shoulders. You throw in a rest day or two in between and then you do it all over again. You saw changes in the beginning… but now you feel stuck. Is your eating on point? Yes? Then maybe it’s time for a change. Switching up your workout routine every 6 weeks is a necessity.

Our bodies adapt to the exercises that we do day in and day out and it’s vital to shock them every now and again!
Have you been eyeing the pro at the gym? Did you see her do an exercise that got you excited and wanted to try it out? Now’s the time to do that! BUT, research the move prior to beginning so that you make sure you are doing it right.

When to switch up your workout routine

So how do you change up your fitness routine? It doesn’t have to be big changes. For example, I’ve shared the incline cable fly’s that we have incorporated into our routine occasionally. The simple switch from heavy dumbbells to the cable fly’s was insane for my chest. I felt the tweaks of (good) pain for a full day following that workout!

Or, break out an arm day – you’ve been working your triceps with chest and your biceps with back, right? Give them a day of their own. Try out some new exercises – some of my favorites are done on the cables. One example is a laying cable bicep curl.


Laying Cable Bicep Curls  


Proper form, squeezing and contracting the muscle – the mind-muscle connection – is the most important part to building muscle. Don’t just do the motions, but really learn what each exercise does and how it benefits your body. Educate yourself so that every minute in the gym is equaling change, and not just wasting time.

It never gets easier, you just get better!

Gym Etiquette Rant Alert

Please, for the love of all that is holy,!

Your phone is distracting you from your goal. It’s a time suck and it interferes with your concentration. And the biggest piece of all – you’re pissing off a lot of people waiting for you as you take 5 minute rests in-between sets scrolling through your phone.

Rant over.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on switching up your workout routine! What new exercise do you want to try?


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