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Lifting weights does not make you manly

Aug 31, 2020 | Motivation

One thing I hear way too often from other women? I don’t lift weights because I don’t want to look manly. This statement drives me crazy! Women seem to think that if you just run and run and run, you’re going to develop the toned physique they’re looking for. I’ve got some information for you: running doesn’t tone your body!

For the record, I have never actually been told that I look “too manly,” but I know plenty of women weight lifters that have or have been told to be careful or they’ll get manly looking. 

Something I HAVE heard a lot of, “I wish I had your abs!” (they don’t see the stretch marks that I hide), and “I wish I had your shoulders!” But I certainly no longer hear, “You’re so tiny!” or “OMG. You are so thin!”.

I own my weight lifting. And I lift heavy, for a girl. It’s something that I do with passion and I wear it like a badge of honor. I work hard for my muscles and society can go F themselves if they don’t like it! My husband loves my muscular physique and so do I!

Women Weight Lifters

I’m here to spread the word that lifting weights does not make you manly… unless you want to look that way and then you’re going to have to push yourself, and probably have some sort of pharmaceutical assistance, to get there! And I have proof of my statement:

Lifting weights does not make women manly

Do you look at that photo and think, MAN! She looks too manly? Nope. Sure, you can see delt peeking out, but I still have curves and look feminine in my wedding dress. PS – we got married! Read all about our elopement by the lake in Vermont.

Eloped in Vermont

Like I said above, I love the strength that I see in my body. I have a firm chest, strong biceps and horseshoe tris, and I’m genetically gifted with blocky abs that show even when I’m not tiny.

My body can do things that some men can’t even do because they don’t push themselves. I love being a strong woman, both physically and mentally, and take pride in both!

Sometimes I feel like a broken record, but I’m here to tell you not to be afraid to pick up a weight. I promise you, you’ll actually start to see the results that you’ve been trying to accomplish with cardio. Cardio is great for fat burning and for heart health, but it is not going to give you the toned, firm look you’re going for.


  1. Sara @ The Holy Mess

    You look incredible! Thanks for the motivation to keep hitting the weights. 🙂

    • admin

      Thank you Sara. And thank you for sharing your story with our readers! Your dedication and determination amaze me!

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