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Learn to enjoy the gym

May 29, 2020 | Motivation

Not everyone instantly loves the gym. Many people are too intimidated to even step through the doors. Or others just have a really hard time working it into their routine, so they go in spurts and never see changes because they haven’t committed fully. It’s also important to note that you don’t want to stress out about the gym. If you miss a day because your kid has an activity – so be it. Life happens. If it becomes a stress inducer, it negates the healthy benefits!

With that being said, how do you learn to enjoy the gym so that you can make changes to your body and start living a healthier lifestyle?

Below are 12 tips for you to consider:

You're going to be so proud of yourself

Bring a friend

It’s always easier approaching something new when you have someone by your side! Enlist a friend to join you your first trip or two!

Create a routine

Workout on the same days and times each week. This way it becomes part of your routine and fits into your everyday life. Once it’s a habit, you removing the overthinking that can stop you from going. Plus, you’ll start to see the same people each day and become more comfortable. This also enables you to schedule your workouts into your every day life and is just another check on the to-do list, like showering and brushing your teeth.


Listen to music

Create a gym playlist, put on your headphones and rock out as you workout!

Include exercises that are enjoyable

Everyone has a favorite exercise. Find one that you like to do, that makes you feel confident and strong and include it! As your confidence grows you’ll find more and more to love.


Challenge yourself

Set goals and push yourself past your limits. Working out can be mentally challenging as well. Progress with each workout – do two more reps, or go 5 pounds heavier than the last time.

Track your progress

Take photos along the way. In the beginning it feels awkward and maybe not that enjoyable, but as your body starts to change and you see results, it fuels the fire to work harder!

Catch up on your favorite shows

This is how I make it through cardio – whether it be the treadmill, the arc trainer or the stair stepper, I watch videos… something I don’t get to do most of the rest of the time because I’m just too busy!

Go shopping for some new gym wear

This one might be a little vain, but when you’re looking good, you’re feeling good, so go pick out some new workout gear or some new gym sneakers so that you’re excited to wear them the next time you go! And you don’t have to break the bank! My favorite gym pants came from Amazon and only cost $13!

Find the deeper reason

Most people tend to start going to the gym for appearance purposes – to lose weight, to get swole, to find their bikini body or to just look good naked… but once the changes in your body slow, or you become stuck and frustrated, what keeps you going? For me, it’s the stress relief. I feel better after the gym. For others it could be they’re fighting off a chronic illness, are sleeping better, etc.

So what is your deeper reason? Continuing your wellness journey takes commitment and discipline. Maybe that’s your reason? It’s up to you to figure it out!


Treat yourself

After you reach a goal, treat yourself to something special – a massage, a facial, a manicure. Whatever is going to feel like a reward for your hard work, time and effort.

Find the right gym

Not all gyms are created equal. Find the one that feels right to you. Many gyms will offer the chance to try them once for free, or you can purchase a day pass. If you have options, try each gym to see which one has the right energy and crowd for you.

It's "YOU" Time

As busy parents, getting alone time isn’t always easy, and maybe you don’t think of the gym as the best way to spend that time. But stop right there and turn that thinking around. It is actually the BEST way to spend your YOU time. It’s self care, it’s bettering your body and mind so that you’ll be around for a long, long time. And you’re teaching your children good habits as well.
What would you add to the list above? What do you enjoy most about the gym? I’d love to hear – leave me a comment below.


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