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In 2009 I started Inspiration Made Simple, a place where I share simple DIY and creative ideas that most anyone can make. In the 11 years I’ve been blogging I’ve shared hundreds of DIY and craft ideas, though as my kids have gotten older I craft less.

I do, however, workout regularly and am constantly being asked by friends, family and other gym-goers what my secret to success is. This spurred me on to start sharing tutorials, inspiration and motivation for those beginning or furthering their fitness journey. But the two worlds of DIY and fitness didn’t necessarily fit together in one blog, so Muscle Made Simple was born.

In addition to crafting and strength training, I am a graphic designer and I love to create unique designs for around my home, for parties and for gifts. Many of which I turn into free printables that I share on Inspiration Made Simple.

My spare time is spent with my children and dogs, my fiance, Todd and creating and reading. As I mentioned above, I’m passionate about living a healthy lifestyle, strength training and watching the changes in my body as I grow stronger. I am also a huge fan of roller coasters – the bigger and faster the better! My ideal vacation is somewhere warm and near water.

Now that you’ve learned a little about me, I hope you’ll click around the site and find some inspiration and fitness motivation!

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Todd Morgan

Todd started lifting at the age of 12 after seeing bodybuilding magazines and watching Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone movies in the 80’s. He set up a small bench in his room that left him with little room to maneuver around… and his love for bodybuilding was born.

As soon as he was able he started using the school gym, and then received a gym membership to World Gym for his 15th birthday. He became a personal trainer in his 20’s and worked in local gyms.

Now in his early 40’s, Todd still has a love for bodybuilding. But he is also a huge foodie and loves both cooking and eating. Unlike most fitness enthusiasts, he also enjoys fast food and desserts, and loves to share that information with everyone!

Todd contributes to each workout and exercise post here on Muscle Made Simple, and masterminds most recipe posts too. 

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