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I’m Kim Conner

and that’s my fiance, Todd Morgan

Fitness as a Lifestyle

We are a couple in our 30’s and 40’s that love to workout. We share fitness tips, exercises and more for those looking to make fitness their lifestyle.

Family & Fun

As a mom to three, I know how busy life can get. We’ll also share tips for juggling work , life and working out, including how to get your kids up and moving!

Goal Setting

Learn to set goals to help create lifestyle changes that become habits

Couples Workouts

Sharing exercises that couples can do together or apart

Self Care

Self care is important, that means taking care of your mind, body & soul

Delicious Recipes

We’ll occasionally share some of our favorite recipe ideas to help you stay on track

Latest Posts

Changing your relationship with food

Changing your relationship with food

We asked our readers to share their stories of their health and wellness transformations, and we’re going to share them here, with you. We hope you find these inspiring and motivational - and we want to hear from you too! If you have a story to share, please contact...

Exploring Portland, Maine

Exploring Portland, Maine

This past weekend, Todd and I headed to Portland, Maine for a business meeting. We stayed in Old Orchard Beach, right on the ocean. It was a quick trip - just overnight, but we packed it full! If you're going to be exploring Portland, Maine, read on for some of our...

Setting Health Goals

Setting Health Goals

Having fitness goals is a great way to hold yourself accountable, push yourself harder than you thought possible, and overall a healthy thing to do. But how do you set realistic goals that you can achieve, that allow you to see changes in your body and that keep you...

What you won’t find here.

Muscle Made Simple is not the place for stage competitors. We are true fitness fans that enjoy the process of sculpting our bodies and the stress relief that provides. We also like to enjoy our family time and that sometimes includes our favorite pizza, pasta or ice cream! We live our lives in moderation and will share what works for us. In doing so, we hope that you’ll find inspiration and motivation to continue your fitness journey.


About Kim

I’ve worked out since I was 15 years old, but it wasn’t until 2016 that I hired a trainer and really started making changes and building muscle. The gym is definitely my biggest stress reducer and I look forward to my daily workouts.

I hope you’ll hang out and find some inspiration in creating a healthier lifestyle!

Kim’s Creative Side

I am also the owner and publisher of Inspiration Made Simple, a creative blog full of  fun craft ideas, recipes, printables, DIY projects and other lifestyle inspiration.

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